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Another Rework of My Logotype.

So what have I been up to? I’ve been working out a few kinks in my services here and there. I took another look at my branding and my online presence as a whole. I removed some services and added others as it became clear to me which ones were going to be worth maintaining and which ones were not. I had this initial idea that more platforms = more traffic. While this is technically true, that traffic is ultimately non-profitable and quickly becomes a drain on my limited resources. I also left almost all of my Discord servers as the level of online harassment I was receiving really started to take a toll on my mental health. For some reason I took pride in how open I was online and how easy it was to contact me, turns out the only person who respected this was me. This solution hasn’t worked perfectly as people can still contact me at will but it is the first step into surviving exposure online. I also met my 20th June storefront opening deadline! Sometimes I amaze myself.

Reporting In

The first half of this month has been spent establishing myself across online services. These include ManyVids, Fetlife, Switter, Twitter, Chaturbate, Amazon, and PornHub. Now that all of the upfront work is complete it doesn’t take up as much of my time to maintain it all. I’m proud of my overall brand presence and I think I offer a lot of excellent options to my customer base as a whole.

I’ve met some milestones this month too. 3k followers on Chaturbate. 700 followers on Twitter. MV rank 153. I’m going to officially graduate this month and move house too. I also got engaged to my girlfriend Alice Zev and bought her tickets to travel to Scotland and stay with me for six months so things are about to get really exciting.

It’s a very transitional month and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. I can only imagine where we’re going to be come 2019. Considering I started this whole endeavour at the start of the year I’m very proud of what I’ve achieved in a small space of time and I’m looking to keep pushing the envelope, especially with my fiancéé at my side. Going to show all of her off to you guys. She’s absolutely incredible.

Me, Myself and My Body

If you’ve been paying attention to my social media, you will have noticed that I hit my ‘goth gf’ phase pretty hard. I’ve always said that it was going to happen and it’s so much better than I thought it was going to be. Aside from that I’ve just been working away on my abs as usual. My current workout is: 100x sit-ups, 72x bicep curls, 40x oblique sit-ups, 20x press-ups, and as many weighted squats as I can be bothered with.

I’m quite happy with how my body is shaping up, especially my legs. I really need to get to the gym more often to burn off this excess body fat but finding the motivation amongst all the work I need to do has been proving difficult. I can get really impatient with my body but overall I eat right and I work out right, I can’t ask for much more than that.

Mentally I’ve been getting to a better place. I finally removed the pride I felt about being so open online and I locked down all my online communication at the start of the month. This hasn’t been as successful as I would like, I still have to deal with more harassment than necessary but there’s very little I can actually do about that. I’ve got much better at not engaging people and standing my ground more often.

Things are going to change a lot soon anyway and my fiancéé will be here to support me soon. It’s going to become easier. I’ve met a lot of my personal goals as a whole and I’m feeling very confident about my plans for the future. There’s even a really exciting secret thing that I’m not even allowed to tell you about, look out for more information about that in the next few months!


This month I hit 3k followers on Chaturbate! I also got myself a Lovense Hush. The Hush is a vibrating Wi-Fi enabled butt plug that can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world. In fact, the first time my fiancéé ‘touched’ me was through this sex toy, which is just the best. I’m glad to report that the Hush paid for itself in three shows. It’s made my overall experience on cam so much better and I’d absolutely recommend it to any cam model out there. I still need to work on consistency with my schedule. I’m often too tired towards the end of the day to get all dressed up and get off or I get too much into what I’m working on and I lose track of the time. I find transitioning from private editing work to public cam shows to be quite intimidating too. I think it’s something that will come naturally with time. I think that moving into my new home will allow me to create a much better environment to work in. My goal is to reach 4k followers by July but I do not expect to reach this goal unless something magical happens. I think a goal of 1k followers per month is a good benchmark to shoot for.


This month also marked my first real steps into traditional pornography production. At first I started to record my cam shows and make supercut style edits of what we got up to. I immediately regretted this as I had to edit 12 hours of unscripted footage. This process took four straight days of work. It was supposed to be a bit of a test case to work out what my editing workflow would look like. Turned into a full on editing nightmare. The good news is that I produced 2hrs 30 minutes of content in just four days and my workflow is now bulletproof. The bad news is that it put me four entire days behind on everything else in my life.

Aside from camshow edits I have a small list of ideas that I want to create. Pornography itself is quite a new medium to me. Everything I’ve done so far has had some kind of audience interaction. I’m not a very visually sexual person, in many ways I don’t understand what makes some porn hot and other porn not. I’ve be doing a lot of ‘research’ to try and figure all this out but as far as I can tell people just like porn, regardless of the content. This means I can make whatever I feel is going to be a cool thing to create. I’m really glad for this as I think there is a lot of room for original creativity in independent pornography production.

In the last two weeks I have produced 3hrs 20 minutes of porn across 7 videos. This has been a massive learning curve for me but I’ve enjoyed (mostly) every second of the process. I’ve managed to reach rank 153 on ManyVids which is an amazing achievement considering I only became an online pornstar in January 2018. My goal for the near future is to reach top 100 before July. That is really pushing myself considering I have to graduate and move home in that time, but I do love a challenge. If you’d like to help me achieve that goal, please go and heart all my content as this increases my score. Obviously purchases do too so feel free to buy some of my porn, if you do purchase something please remember to leave a review as this also boosts my ranking on the site. My ranking directly affects my income so every little helps!