Contact Me

I used to run a lovely little Discord server. This was a more relaxed community of over 130 users. I have a Discord server because I like to have a more private place to chat with people rather than just on Twitter. Feel free to come hang out with me. It’s hard to describe what happens here but you get access to many photographs of me and behind the scenes content to keep you up to date on what I’m currently working on. I’m attempting to resurrect this place from the dead. So if it’s a little quiet, bear with me.

My Twitter is largely cute selfies and sometimes vague rants about what’s going on in my life, you know, the usual twitter stuff. It is also more importantly where I advertise when I’ve uploaded new clips to buy and everything else you really need to know to keep up. It’s a super good idea to follow my accounts to keep up to date on what’s happening with me.

After the consequences of FOSTA/SESTA being passed into law in April 2018, life has got a little harder for the sex workers of the world. As a result, I found another refuge on the platform Switter. This is an alternative to Twitter based on an instance using the Mastodon framework. My Twitter and Switter both receive duplicate content. Switter is certainly secondary to my Twitter but you’re not missing out on anything by only following one platform.


E-mail. The original, the classic. This is what to use when nothing else will do. When you need a guaranteed serious response from me. This is my preferred method of handling business enquiries or anything that you want me to try and take seriously. –

Catch me over on Fetlife. It can be quite quiet over there but it does serve as a nice image gallery and allows local meetups to be found much easier than through other methods. I don’t take Fetlife particularly seriously so don’t expect regular updates from me here at all.