You can buy my videos, and photos from my ManyVids store. My Amazon wishlist has outfits and props that I’d like to use in future videos, I provide cute photos of me trying on the things you buy me and little notes for you! If you feel like throwing some extra appreciation my way you can tip me to give me some extra bucks and fund that late night coffee high that makes all this happen. Enjoy your purchases!

My ManyVids account is where I sell my videos, photos and other items. I’m very proud of my MV Score and you can help with this! Even if you don’t buy anything, hearting all my content really helps a lot. If you do buy anything, please remember to leave a review as these things increase my rank on the site and lead to more income for me.

This is my universal Wishlist. It contains many products from websites other than amazon. Its purpose is to give you an idea of things I’m looking to buy in the near future, usually clothes or props to use in my videos and shows. To actually buy me something you have to transfer me money through other methods (such as tipping me on ManyVids). I am not comfortable providing a delivery address due to security concerns so if you’d like to purchase anything from the list please contact me at Thank you!

Unsure how to treat this little succubus to a gift? Got an idea for something you’d like to buy? If you have any further questions or desires to purchase other items from me contact me at and we can organise something that will suit your needs. One-off purchases make up the backbone of my business and I welcome feedback on all of my current content so I can improve their quality over time. I really am quite a flexible person so don’t be shy with asking for exactly what you want. It’s much easier to satisfy someone with specific desires after all.