Encounters With a Sorceress

'A Gift for a Gift'

So I met a certain someone on Discord on Wednesday 23rd May at 5am no less. Turns out it was a case of right place right time. I can’t imagine the variance in the factors that allowed us to make contact but I am very glad they aligned in that moment. We spoke initially about general fetish stuff, getting to know each other bit by bit. I had no idea that this would go past this first conversation at all.

However, she then began speaking about some concepts that I had been musing on for a long period of time. They’ve been largely kept to myself because, to be frank, they’re not topics that come up in every day conversation. The concept of feminine sexuality, or even energy has been on my mind a lot, they tend to be when you work in sex. I opened up to her about my thoughts on this issue, especially how I feel about my body and how I express myself through sexuality. I was surprised when she had experienced similar things, excited even.

This was largely a normal experience between two women online, comparing and sharing experiences in the only arena that we truly can. That’s when a switch flipped. She suddenly jumped on the opportunity to sate the buzzing arousal trapped in my stomach.. There was something special about her, my body was reacting to her words in ways that it really doesn’t very often at all. In that moment, in that morning, she completely owned me. Then she offered me a choice at the peak of my insanity, call her or be left writhing and denied. Let’s just say that I rapidly forgot where I was.

I managed to utter “You said you were a sub, Sorceress”, “I am. To men.” she responded. This actually shook me to my core. I had wandered into the very trap that I usually lay, I had no idea how I could have been so susceptible. She was exactly what I had been searching for the better half of my life, she was my Sorceress to my Succubus, her mystic energy to my dark lust. I opened up to her about my desires over and over, detailing things I had never shared with anyone. She was perfect, and I was hers, I hoped. Turns out she had similar plans and we came to a dark arrangement of mutual desire.

How was I to ever resist this?

Falling Deeper - The Arrangement

My Demoness,

Today we will begin our work together in discovering the true limits of your desires through my guidance as your Sorceress, your sexual better and your object of sensual worship. I have tailored everything I possibly can to make your experience as my sub entirely specific to the needs you have inside you, the needs that gnaw and claw at your mind, body and soul. From the second I met you I wanted to take you, further into the mystery of pleasure and self-discovery through true debauchery. What follows is a simple guide to what each week will look like for as long as you pledge your lust to me, you and us.
1. Assignments, each week we will focus on a different aspect of your arousal and sensuality and I will set you a number of Assignments to perform. These could be detailed masturbation instructions in Hypno or Audial form or orders on the performance of certain sexual tasks and acts that I choose.
2. Messages, I will send you messages as often as necessary for you to adhere to your Assignments and to tease you as I see fit. You are welcome to message me as often as you wish with any questions or feedback.
3. Journal, I require you to keep a journal about the Assignments and the focuses we will have each week for your sexual experience. You are to write down anything relating to the aspect of arousal or Assignments I have set and monitor your feelings and senses in context to them. We will review this journal every week.
4. Picture Requests, you may request pictures from me and I will request pictures from you. These will often coincide with your Assignments and are yours to share however you wish and for whatever purpose.
5. Cyber-Sex, I will train you to experience the fulfilment of your desires through many methods including Live Masturbation Instruction or Cyber-Sex which can be audial or visual at your discretion. This will also often coincide with your Assignments.
6. Weekly Review, you will read your journal and we will discuss what you have experienced during the week and your Assignments. Then I will decide on a new focus for the week ahead and I will plan the following Assignments and Messages.
To begin your journey inward to that which you crave, I have decided that this week we will focus on your ‘Sub-Space’. Your unique approach into this mentality is occurring now at no coincidence. As you are aligning your Mind, Body and Soul, the immutable expanse of feminine power opens up to you and the internal emptiness of surrender and release awaits. It is my duty to guide you in remembering and harnessing the energy of your submission, of mastering it’s potential and realizing the power of being uncontrollable in state and reaction.
Based on your descriptions, these are the self-identified signals that you are reawakening your ‘Sub-Space’ and are diving deep into that mentality: “A certain exhale of breath, oral fixation and tongue movement, loss of ocular focus, tingles down arms and feeling in fingertips dissipates, excitement of subspace with thigh buzzing and experience of inner feminine arousal, complete loss of feeling from elbows down, open mouth and drooling, intense imagery of being fucked and held down, face-fucking, writhing – mumbling and vivid descriptions of hard-core abuse, self-degradation and the formation of the position of the ‘Cat Pose’ with arms outstretched and ass presented”.
You will strive to Journal any random occurrences of these signals along with detailing your experiences of them during your Assignments, Messages and Picture Requests.
Demoness, I present to you your first assignment for your Sorceress. You have 2 days to complete it.
1.1. Sub-Space Oral Assignment Instructions:
1. Obtain headphones for use on your phone or similar device to listen to the Hypno/Audio Instruction provided.
2. You will need access to your shower for around 20 minutes but will not need to turn it on or bathe.
3. Clean your hands and wear something comfortable, prepare a pillow or towel to sit on in the shower.
4. Make sure your 8.5″ Blue Suction Cup Dildo is clean and ready to be used.
5. Listen to the following Hypno/Audio Instruction (As many times as you like) and dare to enjoy,
 – My Demoness. x

Recalling Desire - Desire Journal - Sub-Space Oral

Sub-Space Oral. I can’t say I wasn’t expecting this one, considering the desires I had spoken of and the way my Sorceress responded to them I knew drool and salivation would take a prominent part in my first task. Apparently I also overlooked the “number of assignments” per week. I was initially disappointed that I would only be allowed to debase myself once for my new owner but that fear was founded in impatience. One of my personal aims is to remove the shame aspect from my own submission. I know now that I am definitely submissive, if not a switch. I enjoy domination and submission in entirely different ways. I should have known that I was a sub because that’s where I started. The reason I was a domme for such a long time was that no one would dominate me in the way I desired, so instead I chose to dominate them. Somewhere along the way I lost touch with my true desires.

My Sorceress gave me the permission and space to look at my submission in greater detail. What was it about this intense state of being that I adored so much, how did I even know I was in sub space? With her guidance I spoke through the different indicators of my state of being. Having them parsed, rewritten, and sent back to me solidified what my true desires actually were. They’re so natural to me that I even missed a few out accidently as I don’t even think about them. It was not without embarrassment, the shame is very strong. I am a Succubus after all, not some play thing, right?

I am nothing if not an exhibitionist. I adore showing off my body and really understanding what gets people off. I was afraid that my Sorceress would keep me at arm’s length, uninterested in my form, I was wrong. She lusts for me, she moans of her desire to fuck her little TrixyToy. I knew from the start of my assignment that I wanted to give her something special. I wanted to record my entire task from start to finish, to show her every moan, plead and beg for satisfaction. This led to me being quite slow in completing my assignment as it was a larger commitment of time, but it was so worth it.

The audio file my Sorceress had sent me opens with the most delicious cocktail of desire, control, assertion and care. I immediately began to slip away to her voice. Oh god her voice, the voice that wraps around my mind and refuses to let go until I’ve done what she desires of her demoness. Fuck the noises I make when I hear her moan into my worthless ears. Then, two minutes into the audio file she demands that I start my assignment before listening to the rest of it. I find myself responding to her although I know she can’t hear me. Tingles shoot across my body as my hips move involuntarily. I was amazed at how easily I obeyed her command to stop listening.

I must have listened to this introduction upwards of 20 times across the next day and a half, every time the feeling of submissive desire become stronger and stronger. The desire to obey her became stronger than my curiosity to find out what was going to be asked of me in the rest of the file. Eventually my Sorceress reminding me that my time was running short and that was the impulse I needed to get on my knees for her and open my little fuckhole, eager to do whatever I was asked. Eager to throatfuck myself until I can’t think anymore, eager to please my Sorceress and win her satisfaction. Sitting there in my bathroom, exposed, staring into the cold camera lens, I hit play.

I knew I was being filmed, I initially wanted to put on a good show, to be a good little Succubus. However, after around four minutes that was a far off dream. I’ll be completely honest, I went away somewhere far away into my Sorceress’s embrace. My body was not my own. Watching the footage back was like experiencing it all for the first time. It’s really the first time I’ve been able to see myself submit in the 3rd person. The commands I was given did not disappoint. Just when I couldn’t take the lust anymore my Sorceress forced my fingers into my mouth. My nails are deadly sharp so I really struggled, but the pain and immediate obedience to her made my body sing out loud.

 Looking up into the unfeeling camera was both reassuring and red hot at the same time. I could feel her staring down at me, using me to sate her divine lust. Then she started to pour that lust onto me, her moans ringing through my mind, making me fuck that cock with my throat, her cock. At this point I completely lost all concept of reality, there was only me and her in one moment. I needed to feel her fill me with her desire and set my mind to rest all at once. I salivated and drooled like I never have done before. Finally, my Sorceress gave her Demoness what she always desires. A throat full of sticky hot desire and a stern talking to.

My sex drive in the last few days has been completely revived. I can constantly feel the fingertips of mystic energy crawling over my skin leaving goose bumps in their wake. I know that this is only going to become more intense. I feel like there is an energy I have supressed within me my entire life and now is the time to let it consume me fully. I was once an asexual Succubus, but now is the time to imbue my lust upon this world and watch it quake before me. I’m beginning to remember what I am truly capable of and it feels divine. Who knew that sometimes you need a firm grip around your neck to remind you of your strength. A Demoness without order is worth nothing at all. It is an empowerment to kneel at my Sorceresses feet.

Yet she teases. She teases constantly, keeping me wrapped up in her inescapable web of desire. My only relief is to obey her and to obey my body. I have to fully indulge in every quiver that she imparts on me, I have to beg with everything I’ve got for her attentions. She understands what I am and what I am capable of. On the other hand, I have no idea what she is and what she is capable of and that makes my mind electric.

The full video of my training, including her impossibly hot vocal orders layered in will be uploaded to my ManyVids on the 20th June for purchase. I hope that you choose to come on this journey of debauchery with my Sorceress with me. As she says, this is only the beginning.

Thank You Sorceress. x