Edinburgh Tour

A 'Wee' Jaunt South

The River Forth is Gorgeous.

So guess who completed her final presentation of University this week and will be graduating officially very soon? Oh yeah, that’s me. Alice Tryx BSc (Hons), Digital Interaction Designer, at your service. Apparently I’m a scientist and a Succubus now, Sciccubus? Succientist? I’m not sure what I’m called but all I know is that there are many celebrations to be had. Spoilers, that’s where I’ve been recently, drunk, fucking or asleep which I plan to take forward as a current life plan. Work can take a break for a week right? I’ve been grafting for four years plus at this point. Real life is charging at me as fast as it can possibly muster but I’ll be fine in the end, just have to take it one day at a time. Being a real adult is really fun though, I have so much more freedom with time with the eternal deadline removed from looming above my head. Now I just have to play that lovely money game that most people engage in everyday, time to see if my unconventional methods of existing will carry me any distance into my future.

So where did I actually go at the weekend? I was originally planning to meet a lovely individual down in Edinburgh over the weekend and be home in time for some administrative University stuff on Monday but then I bumped into someone else who was also up for a little visit over the weekend. So I decided to smash both plans together and see them one after another on Saturday and Sunday night. May have accidently gave my original interest sloppy seconds but they didn’t really mind at all (thankfully, I’m still sorry!). I’d love to tell you all the juicy gossip but sometimes I actually respect the privacy of other people.

I really had one of the best wind downs I think there has ever been from University, excellent hospitality, a nice night out at an amazing bar, a wee road tour of places in Edinburgh no one has ever seen, a bunch of good food and cider all with the hottest people out there? Sign me up. Hook-up culture is just much nicer with people who have pushed at least one boundary in their lives.

Nice to see home from a different angle, Scotland can be impressive at times.

New Logotype

New Logotype! Definitely Pontier.

In other slightly less sexual news, I touched up my logotype to be a little bit more me. In this case I suppose that means pointier, with a small tail and an even smaller heart. Very appropriate I think. More fonts could do with little decorative touches in my opinion. Perhaps that could be a future career move, the overall corruption and demonization of all text (and humans, of course).

So all in all a pretty productive few days and when I mean productive I guess I actually mean satisfying. Now that I’m done with my little fling it’s time to get down to business again. My calendar is saying that I have a bunch of work to do this week organising my graduation show and I find out my actual degree classification on Wednesday which is rather intimidating. Here’s to a solid 2 – 2 and a nice class of 2018 photo with some people I love. My official store opening date is set for the 20th of June and I plan to make the deadline comfortably, trust me, I’m just as excited as you are to get just a little more of me in your lives but filming things can definitely take a certain something.