A Simpler Life

Why So Quiet?

So news about me has been pretty scant recently huh? There are a few reasons for this. They range from the usual personal stuff, through financial reasons, and even into medical issues. Things have been pretty rocky for me since July this year. It’s been difficult for me to put myself out there in the usual adult context so I’ve been taking some time to myself away from the usual hard dicks and prying eyes.

Dealing with the usual stalking and harassment can be difficult on any given day but under more external pressure it can become almost impossible to cope with. Instead I’ve been improving my personal life outside of porn and getting really into fitness and improving my body. I’ve started taking tentative steps back into adult entertainment and things are looking good!

Working Up A Sweat

So what have I been doing then? I’ve been doing some streaming over on Plexstorm. Plexstorm is a streaming site that occupies the space between Chaturbate and Twitch in my opinion. This space has always been a big interest of mine and I’ve been enjoying the more relaxed nature of the audience who watch that kind of content. I think I have become the first lewd simracer as I mostly stream Assetto Corsa and the upcoming Assetto Corsa Competizione racing simulations. It’s nice to be able to get online and speak to people and have the option to get naked, while not feel pressured to do so every single time. I’ve been really enjoying it and it’s been a great stepping stone to getting back into my more adult pursuits. It’s a bit of a safe space for me.

I also purchased a turbo trainer and got my bicycle back in my life. Turns out the key to fitness is having the gym in your bedroom. Having such easy access to cardiovascular exercise has enabled me to smash down my body fat level and has also allowed me to drop my gym membership now that I can do my entire workout routine in my own home. Outside of cardio I do body-weight exercises and I have a pair of dumbbells I use to weight my squats and curls. Being able to simplify my daily goals has really helped with my discipline levels which has really pushed me above and beyond any level of fitness I have achieved before in my life. This has been working fantastically well for me and I hope you enjoy the results of my hard work!

I’ve been really enjoying being strong and fit. This is the first time I’ve really noticed it in day-to-day life. I can lift things easily, my body always feels great, and I never get out of breath doing anything. Apparently cycling 200 kilometers a week can make you pretty fit. I’m also enjoying the focus on power-to-weight ratio and being able to compare my performance against a range of actual athletes. I’ve always wanted to be a fitness model but I’ve never really considered that all this physical training actually could make me quite a¬†competitive¬†sportswoman. I’ve always wanted to be a racing driver but racing a bicycle would be pretty much as good for me.

I’ve been experimenting with different types of cam-shows on different platforms in my down-time. I’ve found a pretty stable home on Streamate and I’d like to continue working there to see how it goes long-term. I was really comfortable on Plexstorm but then things got pretty poor when I started feeling uncomfortable streaming there due to drama within the small community and some confusion about what the site was for. Turns out you can encounter sex-work stigma even on porn sites. I’m thinking I’ll return one day but I’m not sure, perhaps I can find that environment elsewhere.

I’m really happy that my small group of active Discord users have stuck around and keep on supporting me regardless of what state I’m in. It means a lot to me when people don’t just see me as meat to whack it to. Thanks guys! It really motivates me to try and overcome the obstacles that I’m currently facing and to keep working in the adult entertainment space. People in general don’t realise how much work and money it takes to maintain your body and they definitely don’t understand how hard making pornography and doing cam-work is. That’s not even beginning to talk about escorting. Imagine I suddenly let anonymous men/women twice your age into your bedroom to fuck you? Yeah it really takes some confidence to pull that kind of risky business off. You really need to be in peak shape, which I haven’t been recently.

So What's Up Next?

This is the bit where I say that everything is good and you’ll be seeing a lot more of me right? Well, not exactly. Those medical issues are about to hit very hard indeed. I’m going to try and make payout on Streamate and Plexstorm before I disappear until next Summer. Aside from that you all only really have me until December. The good news is that I need to try and make my finances as strong as possible before then and during the period until next Summer. This means that I will be producing more ‘solid-state’ content, largely clips on ManyVids so I can increase my passive income to ease the burden of the first half of next year. Yeah, that’s pretty much the story. You should see a fair amount of me up until December then I’ll likely be a ghost until Summer 2019 or later, that’s just how the cookie is crumbling right now. I think the best advice I have is to keep following my Twitter as that is likely the only place I’ll be keeping up-to-date during that time, or join my Discord if you want to hear from me every day!