Hanging out and meeting new people on my webcam streams is a fun time. It’s a great way to connect with hundreds of new people every day and have great conversations. Of course, it’s also a great way to shake your ass and get off together! At the moment I stream on Chaturbate and MVLive primarily although I do stream quietly on other platforms such as Streamate and Plexstorm from time to time too. I’m a bit of an Easter-Egg, who knows where I’ll show up next! Always keep an eye out for me.

I’ve streamed my webcam show on ChaturbateChaturbate the most. I’ve been over there since about 2016 and I use a slightly different name since I’m unfortunately not allowed to change it. This is definitely the most social streaming platform I’ve used and I really enjoy how fun it can be. I also use my interactive toys the most here which are also fantastic.

Although it doesn’t have the best feature-set yet MVLive lets me keep the most money that’s tipped to me. I can’t use OBS to broadcast so no fancy double-camera action or overlays and there’s no private shows but it has a neat point system that I work really well with. Come and jerk off and help me level up (I love making numbers big!).

I’ve only recently been experimenting with Streamate. It’s a very different experience from Chaturbate. It feels much more like a revolving door of potential customers that decide whether or not to purchase me within 30 seconds. This leads to me essentially delivering a ‘sales pitch’ over and over. I think I like the concept but I’m not sure if I can do it regularly. Chaturbate is much more fun!

This is one of my favourite platforms out there and it has an incredible potential! I’ve always been interested in the space that’s becoming more apparent between Twitch and Chaturbate. Plexstorm is the idea that’s managed to take advantage of this niche the best so far. It’s a cam site that allows and encourages its models to game and be sexual simultaneously. It’s still a small community and needs a lot of development but I’m happy to support this idea!

Camming for a group of users can be enjoyable but I also offer private one-on-one video chats on services like Discord and can be booked through there or ManyVids. These are usually booked in advance so I can give you a more specific show tailored to your desires. These are often better value than private shows on Streamate orChaturbate and allow me to prepare a better show for your needs personally. I hope to see you guys around soon!